We are now home!!

For those who had the pleasure of meeting BHRR’s Cherry and BHRR’s Blossom – two amazing, equally terrified BBBBB’s that came into BHRR over the years and were successfully rehabbed. Both also were from the same area of Quebec and I would almost bet my bottom dollar they are all related……

BHRR’s Black Diamond is a small, lovely in porpotion, beautiful Dane about 1 year of age. She is shedding a lot and has lots of dander, gas too! Yet, per a post I made on her first photo, her body condition is quite good overall. She is not skinny. I wish more people understood a skinny dog over one that is nice & lean!

I am already receiving signs of trust with some leans and being able to touch her from head, side of face to rump. She watches me and will follow me. Always so humbling….

First line of business when she lets me is to take off that horrible choke chain.

Thank you again to Maira & Tom for picking her up from the pound and safely transporting her closer to me! Thank you for the leash and the two blankets for her also!! Maira kept declining my offer to reimburse her for fuel too….so darn lucky to know such kind good and generous people!

We are settling in and more soon!

Welcome to BHRR Black Diamond!