@ 9:00 AM Maira & Tom had BHRR’s Black Diamond in their safe keeping and I am on my way to meet them!

Will update again as I can!

Maira says she is travelling well!

Per Maira, they had trouble getting the leash on at the pound and we knew that would be the case as they found it impossible to leash her nor were able to exam her.

She did lunge and bite at the leash….all expected plus understood behaviour.

Why I have called her BHRR’s Black Diamond. Several reasons for this:

1) she is a beautiful diamond in the rough
2) black diamonds are most valued for their artistic beauty and dark allure
3) natural Black diamonds are somewhat different from most other diamonds in that these stones are incredibly precious, absolutely beautiful, and considered quite valuable.
4) Found in very few locations – Brazil being one of them. For you Maira as her rescue transport angel meeting me!
5) the mesmerising color is received from Mother Nature.
6) Natural Fancy Black Diamonds are rare and beautiful

So, BHRR’s Black Diamond aka Diamond she is named!