What a wonderfully crazy busy day today!

While I had to work, this handsome man, our fabu tripod BHRR’s Hercules had his regular T4 test plus had a mani/pedi and then he went on his first of two play dates today! He remains AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

He was loved on and snuggled and cuddled and after this sweet play date was over, he went to another approved BHRR Volunteer and hung out and snoozed and was further loved! Thank you Karen for thiese super photo’s!

After work, Sean & I then attended an amazing birthday party hosted by a truly kind lady, Christa whose son Jackson turned 8 and in lieu of Birthday pressies, he chose our deaf/blind Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson to support! He had his right eye removed February 6th. For those that follow this awesome Dane pup on his group, a Gwennie novel was posted with tons of photo’s of Jackson meeting Jackson at the TD Centre where the birthday party was hosted! It was such a special moment seeing both Jacksons meet!!

Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson rocked it! He is such a sound plus well balanced pup that saw nothing phase him… two elevator rides, stairs, people, kids, the hockey game, the underground parking garage, buses and busy traffic etc….he is excelling in his scent plus touch training!

AND we also approved a new BHRR Volunteer today! Welcome to the BHRR fam….officially Gracie!

When I arrived home, a deeply heartwarming email by one of our great approved homes, was waiting for me to say we had been chosen as the recipient of a work Valentine’s Day Fundraiser and $475 shall come our way! This will go towards our ever increasing vet bills!

What little voice I had coming back is now long gone yet what a deeply inspiring day thanks to so many!!

I say this often yet truly the animals’ of BHRR are majorly blessed…..

There will be several photo’s posted in this thread of BHRR’s Hercules & Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson’s day!

Good night wishes being sent from my home to all of our friends, family and supporters!