BHRR’s Rickards(EM) – NOT Yet Available For Adoption & JL Pickard the kittie!

BHRR’s Rickards lovely emerge temp foster family sent this adorable picture my way yesterday!

They both snuggle and play together!

BHRR’s Rickards will be back into the Vet once his antibiotics are completed for a recheck and to do repeat bloodwork. If all goes well, we can then look towards booking his neuter.

I have been told that BHRR’s Rickards is doing fabu with his recall in their large yard and the ‘no kitchen’ when cooking rule is getting there.

He has gone through a bout of resourcing which is very common and back to boot camp basics! Now that the honeymoon period is ending – different lengths of times for different dogs – he is feeling comfortable.

I am working with his amazing emerge temp foster home on this and also on his minor SA and he is in great hands!

He will be heading to BHRR February 18th and cannot wait to meet him.

Truly, forever grateful to this home for stepping up and offering to emerge temp foster him plus to his transport BHRR angels in offering to help me mobilise fast to get him out of the rural pound he was in….thank you’s also to his first rescue angel, Kim in reaching out to us and asking if we could help him!

Always heartwarming to note how many people come together, and quickly when needed, all with the same goal in mind to help an animal in need….truly blessed as is this wonderful EM to have this amazing kind network as part of our BHRR village!

Happy Friday wishes to all!