Someone has fallen fast asleep while waiting for Santa to come! So much excitement and anticipation!!

BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam Boat has fallen asleep on top of BHRR’s Puppy Pile Granite’s giant stuffie that was given to him by his special SS!

Thank you to all of our special SS’s this year! Sadly, we did have one person not honour their offer to be a Secret Santa. SO, THANK you to all that donated extra so we could give this BHRR doggie a wonderful spoiling XMAS also…..I am deeply thankful to know such beautiful Santa Angels.

I have also been receiving many messages re: our traditional annual XMAS Eve Photo’s and they shall be coming!!!  

From our home to all of our wonderful family and friends, may Santa truly spoil each of you rotten!!! We hope that you are safe, happy and surrounded by so much love……

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