BHRR’s Abby had another wonderful spoiling play date today – with the same lovely home that took her out last weekend!


They bought her a new collar (the purple one!) and she got to visit with Santa at one of the Pet Valu’s! She went for a lovely stroll and also visited a Global Pet Foods. Thank you to this home for their time, and love given to her! Every time I offer to pay for things, they decline…so generous of them.

BHRR’s Abby saw rabbits at Pet Valu as New Moon Rescue was in attendance and the once prey driven Dane was curious only.

She took a long time in our own home yet she did become good with the guinea pigs we had.

We still highly recommend a NO Cat home though for her!

As a side note, this girl and like all of our other BHRR dogs do NOT reside in a kennel or cage. They are loved and treated as beloved cherished members of our home and those of our approved temp foster homes.

She and all of our BHRR dogs will only be adopted to an approved right matched fit home only.

Just because she has waited patiently for so long, us too, does not mean that we are desperate to adopt her out.

This amazing home has indicated that they are open to taking her out again on December 3rd for some more special time.
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