BHRR’s Baron, the Brazilian Mastiff wishes a Happy Thanksgiving Monday to all!

He is doing so well!! This is him having a small break today during a lovely fall day walk through our trails. 🙂 Sean just finished cutting a new 3 km loop trail called the ‘Waggin’ Tail’ for the dogs/humans to enjoy. 🙂

BHRR’s Baron is now almost 10 months of age and a real love to all he knows and trusts. He has been great with every dog he has met to date and even wants to play with our three month old Irish Wolfhound, Brogan. 🙂 He just has to be reminded at times to be gentle…he has big club paws and can get excited and forget himself and as he is only a mere puppy himself, understandable.

We are still not sure if we will ever place him up for adoption yet, there is no rush. He is thriving with us, is safe, happy and learning a lot re: manners and self-control. He is very much *instinctual* in quite a few ways and as with any dog, in the wrong hands, would be seriously set up for failure.

If we do decide that he will remain part of our coveted BHRR Haven program he will have a cherished life and lack for nothing.