BHRR’s Flame(GDx) was ADOPTED tonight!

As I have said it before it only takes one application, the right one for an approved adoption to occur and in the 5+ months we have been waiting patiently for her right matched forever loving home to find her, she had not one application….

Well, she finally had one recently and it was the right one!!

Thank you Julie and Sean for assisting me with this home-visit and thank you to this lovely home in opening up their hearts to a BHRR dog in need of a home to call her very own.

Wonderful home and another heartwarming experience….

BHRR’s Flame, I am so going to miss you….I really am yet the tears in my eyes are ones of not sadness yet deep happiness for you and your new family!!

You are adored and always shall be and now your new family will continue on where we started and give you so many future chapters in your story of love, happiness, great experiences and memories.

I know your Mama GD BHRR’s Eve’s own special home is out there also and we remain patient….

BHRR’s Flames adoption fee shall go towards our hope/goal of raising the $5,000 more we need to bring the three deaf/blind Brazilian Dane Babies to our Haven Program. Please do consider their worthy cause and help us…