BHRR did its 390th approved adoption today! 🙂

One of our BBBBB’s was ADOPTED today!

BHRR’s Ross(5.5 months old), one of the Great Dane Puppy Pile cuties. 🙂

Thank you so very much to this lovely home for all of their patience and understanding throughout our detailed adoption process. A true pleasure in working with your home!

Your hospitality was really warm and both boyz had a blast! Your stairs soon became a fav *game* for them. 😀 They found that table particularly *delicious* also! :p

Proud of both of these boyz with their overall Cat manners too. Really proud of them. 🙂

Both boys really had a great time at this home-visit and BHRR’s Ross *edged* out his brother for being the best matched fit for this home. BHRR’s Ross so quickly developed an affinity to them both and it was truly sweet to watch.

BHRR’s Corbin, your own special and wonderful home is out there….we remain patient and in the mean-time you are living a grand life with us. 🙂 Your brother BHRR’s Haven Dog Granite and your sister Dynamo were excited to see you when we arrived home today. 🙂

For me, this was a touching home-visit as this home is related to a home that was approved to adopt another one of the BHRR Puppy Pile Great Dane babies in July. 🙂

I cannot thank Gail and Mason enough in doing this home-visit with me and we are so delighted to see another outstanding home become part of the *BHRR Fam*. 😀

On Wednesday, it is BHRR’s Flame’s home-visit for her own possible approved adoption.