BHRR’s Dyson(Available for Adoption!) had his annual last night and a recheck on his perpetual happy tail…..

After years, yes years of treating this tail off and on, we are going to amputate a portion of it off. I am not one for taking off body parts unnecessarily yet we have reached a point that this is in his best interest. We did his heartworm/Lymes testing along with pre-op bw and vaccines. He is such a goof!

He has always been a lean muscled boy once we got past the beyond skinny state upon his arrival into rescue and last night, he was down a bit from his last weigh-in so we will re-evaluate his food intake plus it is time to proactively de-worm again – we like to do that twice a year even if a dog is not symptomatic.

All of us, and BHRR’s Dyson also continue wait patiently for that right matched forever loving home to find him!!

In the meantime, he romps in 3+ acres of fenced in yard, hikes in almost 148 acres of land, gets to sunbathe as he wishes on the brick deck and is loved beyond measure!

BHRR’s Salem had her own special picnic snack date yesterday and was spoiled!! Thank you to this lovely home for having her into their home! She also remains available for adoption to that right matched forever loving home.

BHRR’s Big Ben came back to BHRR yesterday after over 4.5 years in his adoptive home due to a divorce(Adopted January 5th, 2012). He was so excited to see me and I him. I now have a Vet appointment on Monday for him as he is seriously overweight, long overdue for vaccines, has not had Lymes/heartworm testing nor been on preventative since 2014. 🙁

Welcome home my beautiful boy….

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