BHRR News Update:

It has been and still is a busy week here!

On Friday July 29th, BHRR’s Whisper(deaf/visually) impaired Great Dane – Available for Adoption! – had her own overnight picnic play date.

On Saturday, after driving to Orleans to pick her up – she loved their cats also! She loves everyone and everything – we had our next BHRR ‘PRIVATE’ Experience at BHRR. We had the farrier come for the horses, picked up hay for the horses, took the remaining Puppy Pile babies(4) for a walk and had many laughs over the afternoon plus evening. Thank you for coming!

Supper was steak dinner, homemade garlic toast, whipped potatoes, corn and for dessert homemade lemon merengue pie! 🙂 We hope our guests deeply enjoyed themselves. This is the second private experience that they have had with us. 🙂

Sunday was our son’s 16th Birthday and cannot believe how fast time is going. So proud of Mason and how he is growing up.

I have been receiving daily updates(thanks to the amazing emerge temp foster home!) on who the home has begun to call BHRR’s Baron, the Brazilian Mastiff. He is doing so well!

Tomorrow we have three Danes heading in for their spays/neuters. BHRR’s Maple, BHRR’s Limerick and BHRR’s Rubble. BHRR’s Limerick shall also have her hips/knees checked out more thoroughly under sedation and we will do x-Ray’s if required.

Friday, BHRR’s Dyson is having his annual and a recheck on his chronic ‘happy tail’. Silly goof!

Next week is equally wonderfully busy!! We hope all are enjoying this glorious sunshine! 🙂

Please remember to use proper safe hot weather practises for your pets/kids and that includes on the hot pavement.

Happy Wednesday!

Editing to add that BHRR’s Salem also has her own special picnic snack date on Friday!!!