Many thanks being sent out to BHRR BOD member Mary for the extra puppy wrangler hands yesterday!!

Mary lives in Oshawa and was still in town from our incredibly successful – 9th Annual KAH/BHRR Fundraiser on the 10th, humbling $5,300+ raised and still counting as the silent auction funds come in. Final total will be announced. 🙂

I said to Mary that if she wanted more puppy time we would be at LAH yesterday and thank goodness for her experienced loving hands! 😀

The BHRR Puppy Pile x 7 are now 5 – two approved adoptions this week – and while their leash manners are really quite good – when one puts on the brakes or wants to change direction, so does another and sometimes another! :p

We made quite the wonderful scene walking into the Hospital stopping cars and bystanders alike as these truly beautiful and special rescue litter skipped, hopped, walked, trotted plus pranced and bounced their way in! 🙂

BHRR’s Slate weighed 19.1 Kgs
Cookie Dough Dynamo weighed 18.3 Kgs
BHRR’s Granite weighed 18 Kgs
BHRR’s Corbin weighed 18 Kgs
BHRR’s Ross weighed 16.2 Kgs

We are still accepting applications on two of our Puppy Pile babies(Ross & Corbin), who are 12 weeks old today!

BHRR’s Slate is under a pending adoption at this time. His home-visit, of which we are truly excited about is tomorrow.

Those familiar with our adoption processes and as openly explained to anyone that asks, BHRR only places per right matched personality fit.

We believe that each reputable/quality rescue out in the world operates in the manner that they feel is in the right/best interest of those in their care. Great Organisations will share similar processes and they will/may also have different procedures plus requirements, and we will all share the common goal of making sure that those we are entrusted to do right by are done right by, each and every time.

For BHRR, we do not entertain many applications on any one dog and then review to choose what we feel may be ‘best’ out of those applications. We take each application as they arrive in the order they arrive and the application is thoroughly reviewed in our detailed adoption process to then determine if said home is the right matched personality fit for our dogs.

Our approach to application processing in addition to our assessment/evaluation/rehab programs, enables us, to continue to have such extreme high adoption success. We were 100% in over 10 years of operating and now we are 98% as we go through year 20. In 20.5 years, we have only ever taken back 7 adoptions. While we sincerely wish we could still have had a 100% success rate, we know that no matter how thorough an adoption process can be, it is not perfect. 🙁

However, we remain proud and thrilled with this high number in success stories for our dogs/homes since our inception in 1996!