AND the third BHRR Great Dane Puppy Pile x 7 is now in her forever loving adoptive ‘home!’

This is BBBBB’s Flower(11.5 weeks)! 🙂 She spoke up in her own special way and said this was the home for her!

This wee beauty makes my heart almost burst from my chest with how freakin’ proud I am of her!! This was the Dane baby that had to learn to like herself, learn that she was equally worthy of attention and love and she has become super social, curious, a bit of a monkey and even more affectionate and outgoing!! I am truly so full of such happiness over her progress.

She stepped out of my car and was literally feeling at home. 🙂

Not in this picture is 19 year old Mac the cat and Guinness the Berner. Camera shy. 🙂

Thank you to this wonderful home in going through our thorough adoption process and in opening up their own hearts to a rescue pup!!

Thank you so much Aaron for doing this home visit with me!