BHRR’s Mama Great Dane Eve!

She is ready! She is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

She is an almost 6.5 year old Great Dane and is a truly special girl!

She has come SO SO SO far since her arrival to BHRR on December 7th, 2015.

She can go to a home that works full time, part-time, from home, is semi-retired or retired. Another versatile BHRR Dane!

She is 100% Housebroken, and has proven to be 100% trustworthy in our home(we never recommend too much freedom to start!). She can often be found in the AM’s lounging on one of our couches….

She is a great traveller in the car – still has a small bit of worry that she may be left behind yet that has diminished greatly since her arrival and the more great experiences she has had out and about, the more relaxed and comfortable she becomes.

She had a fabu photo session! She is a stunning girl, loyal and playful and age is but a number!

She is extremely affectionate plus faithful to those that earn her trust and when you become part of her ‘circle of success’ she will be your friend forever.

She needs patience, understanding and time plus structure, obedience and not to mention TONS of love! If you do that for her, there is nothing that she would not do for you in turn.

She has captured a huge part of my heart and I promised her from the day that she arrived that she would NEVER be bred again – like all of our dogs, she has been spayed and I also pexied here – she would never lack for kindness, loving touches or caring arms to be there for her AND that she would forever be safe…..

Her social skills have come a LONG way and a home that is not overly actively social would suit her best. A home that will not hide her away from the world yet would not thrust her into the middle of 100’s of people.

Just as not all people are confident and comfortable around tons of other people, neither is she. She is more the intimate small gathering sort, long walks on the beach, quiet AM or evenings strolls, backyard BBQ’s with friends/family and no small children for she has more than raised her share of babies in her 6+ years….it is time for her to be the ‘baby’ of her own home…

Long weekend drives, country hikes and she would be in heaven! She is quiet and patient and gorgeous.

A home with or without a right matched companion dog is fine. She loves the company of other dogs and in the past couple of months has even been seen playing with some of the BHRR doggies!

She reminds of a dog that has had only herself to rely on in many ways and has found it hard to just ‘let go’ and be a dog and live life as she always should have….BUT, she is getting there in so many ways! She takes much enjoyment from things that one made her worried/nervous and has even been seen to ask others for affection and not fear rejection. She has always wanted loved, she just did not know how to ask for it nor did she probably feel deserving.

Yet, she is! AND, for that right matched forever loving home, she is going to make the best family companion, perfect in all of her perfections.

I know that I will cry the best of tears when that right home comes along for her for I see not just her outer beauty, yet her inner beauty, her big beautiful heart, her huge soul and her loving, gentle, kind, affectionate plus playful nature…..I ADORE her!

Congratulations my stunning lovely….you DID it!

Thank you Melissa Roy for your time, talent and kindness again! Love the photo’s!

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