BHRR;s Gentle Jake – ~14 months of age
April 10th, 2106He is ready to make his own announcement today – April 11th, 2016!

This boy, when he first came to BHRR was beyond skinny – has put on almost 40 pounds, had some post-neuter complications – hematoma and yet, his personality was as solid and as well balanced as any dog we have ever assisted or even owned over the past almost 28 years!

He is still young and maturing and the weight plus muscle mass shall continue to be put on.

His one and only quirk and it is not really a quirk is that he likes to take your arm or hand in his mouth…he is fairly gently and we discourage it as he does it to try and keep the attention on him over seeing it go to another dog. Typical puppy attention wanting behaviour. As long as he is not being dominant, which he is not, it is relatively harmless and he corrects easily.

He is so sound and well balanced and would make a great therapy dog once he matures more.

He is obedient, kind, affectionate, puppy clumsy when he plays and shall be a true giant when he is done growing. I see him topping off close to ~145 when he is done. Once again, a great lean fit weight, not a fat weight.

He can go to a home that has another right matched personality fit dog as he needs and loves his friends or to an approved home that has a strong doggie social network for him. It shall continue to keep him learning and keeping great manners.

He is crate trained, housebroken and so very kind.

He can go to a home that works pt, ft. from home, semi retired or retired and a home that shall remain committed to his obedience for he is so awesome yet, his leash manners upon distractions can bring out the ‘china shop pulling bull’ at times.

Considering he has only been with us since February 21st, the progress he has made has been WOW!

He already had a wonderful temperament template and we just helped to mold and shape it to help direct him in the right direction to be asset to home and community.

He is going to make that right matched home a truly WOW fabu addition! We know people get ‘caught’ up in his looks yet what I adore most is his rare as close to bomb proof personality as any dog can be. AND his personality is what is going to be most important to that right fit matched home also!

He is positively magnificent….

That right matched home will ‘see’ him for him and the true greatness that he shall bring to their heats and home!

Having come from Tenn, he for sure travels great in a car and is a quiet boy. Only makes sounds is when I come home from being out and sometimes at dinner!

We are not 100% sure how he is with cats yet I know he had some puppy play excitement interest in both BHRR’s Steam and BHRR’s Flame yet, he learned fast and has been so respectful of being asked to be ‘gentle. He plays so well with both of them now!

He is gentle about taking treats, someone trained him to sit and lift that one front leg of his for treats also…he almost always ‘defaults’ to that position when being offered a treat.

There is not a dog that he has met that he does not like and thank you Karen for entrusting him to us and to Jane for the assistance also in helping him to get to us.

He is a dream boat boy…..and he has forged his own special place in my own heart!

Thank you Melissa for the stunning photo’s and to Sandra for the helping hands at his prof photo shoot!

IMGP1053 IMGP1056