BHRR’s Flame had her final boosters tonight!

She was 12.3 KGs(27.06 pounds) tonight and was SOOOOO good! She is 3.5 months old now.

She showed everyone her lovely manners and was great other than one ‘moment’ when doing her nails….bossy bit of goods!

So, she has slowed down even further with her growing and so, taking after her sire even more now, whatever breed(s) he is! At the rate that she is now growing, she may make 70/75 pounds.

Mama GD Eve is doing well herself. s

Her spay is scheduled for the end of March and from there she shall be ready to make her special announcement!

In this picture as Sean/Kinsley ran into Costco, she and I hung out in the car tonight and she decided that she was going to ‘hold down’ the driver’s seat while we waited for Sean/Kinsley to return.

She has been an absolute treasure to have here….in so many ways!