BHRR’s Whisper! (DEAF / Visually Impaired Great Dane) – ~ 18 months of age


She says that she is ready! She is so happy to say that she has done SO well in her rehabilitation!

She is completely housebroken, she loves her comforts of our couch, our XL Ottoman and I am happy that she has found plus enjoyed the delights that love and kindness that should have always been hers brings!

She derives much pleasure from our fireplace also!

She is happy, affectionate, playful – watch those zoomies!, great with all dogs of all sizes and her one vice is still doing some mild resourcing over what she believes to be high value items – some of the toys yet she now shares the communal water bowls like a ‘lady’.

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is semi-retired, or retired…once again, another amazing versatile BHRR dog!

I would love to see her in a home with another right matched personality fit dog yet that is not a must…as long as she has a strong well balanced doggie social network, she will be fine. You like having friends, so does she!

Her leash manners has also greatly improved!

She does not need to go to a Dane nor a highly dog experienced home. She does need a home, like any dog, that is going to be be committed to her proper welfare and be consistent, patience, kind and do positive balanced training to keep her being that incredible girl she is……

She really does make my heart melt…..she has been such a delight and a hoot to have with us!!!

She is going to make that right matched forever loving home laugh every day.

She is so easy to work with. Her startle reflex is a dream now and she is obedient and gentle UNLESS in crazy zoomy happy mode.

I really cannot say enough great things about this girl. She is solid….and has made an incredible asset to our home.

BHRR’s Steam still wuvs BHRR’s Whisper and ‘watches’ over her! AND BHRR’s Wisper ‘humours’ her.

BHRR’s Whisper is intelligent, senstive, intuitive and immensely patient.

BHRR’s Whisper has come SO far in her anxiety level in the car and with continued trips out and passively ignoring she is really beginning to enjoy her time in the vehicle.

She loves sleeping in open crates and no longer has anxiety in being left alone. In fact, in our home, she no longer is in a crate at night, for eating or sleeping or even when we go out. YET, we do not recommend that to any right matched forever loving home to start.

This dog had the potential to have terrible SA and she has entrusted me to guide her and help her learn that she is a good dog and it is ok to not only like herself yet trust herself that she is going to be ok if left alone for a period of time – up to 8 hours. She can self-amuse and self-soothe plus comfort herself and has not had to that in a very long time as she is so comfortable in her own skin now.

She is mischievous and has the best ‘I am innocent’ face/eyes ever!!!

I am filled with so many emotions ‘helping’ BHRR’s Whisper type her ‘I am ready to be placed up for adoption’ blog!

LOVE love love her!