My last post of my night….

We promise to post an update plus incredible thanks on today’s beautiful Day 2 at PV Stittsville, yet wanted to update folks first re: BHRR’s Steam.

As some are aware we received some messages / calls from our son this afternoon about BHRR’s Steam having some health problems.

Turns out that wee Miss Steam strained her one leg/hip(right side) and to assure all, she is on NSAIDs, rest and doing great!

Probably, hurt herself in doing one of her crazy leaps that we wish she would not do off the back of our couch.

She is eating and drinking well and wants to play. Crate rest is going to be hard on her!

Photo below is from Melissa of Bella Photography taken yesterday at PV Stitsville. Miss Steam Boat is on Serena’s lap, one of the lovely Volunteers that came out to lend a hand yesterday!!

A day full of excitement and stress for sure…..

Happy Sunday night to all of our friends and family!

BHRR St Pattys Day Event (candids) (19) (Medium)