On our way to the Vet!!

BHRR’s Whisper(DEAF & Visually Impaired) Recheck and booster time. Her skin is SO much better yet she still has raw spots and a few scabs. AND still has a bit of that ‘yeast’ stinky smell, not much yet some.

She is scheduled already for her spay for February 18th.

BHRR’s Whisper still has some mild anxiety when she is first in the car. She gets into the car without and worries and then, as we begin to drive, after a few moments she has some anxiety sounds. It lasts about 5 minutes right now and then she will lay down and relax.

Sometimes she will go into sleep over relaxing and looking around and Danes are notorious for sleeping when stressed. We continue to work with her to show her that she is not going to ever be abandoned again.

Her startle reflex is amazing now! She tends to stretch and open her eyes at eyes and then stretch more so she can get more of her rubbed gently. 🙂

From a behaviour perspective, the ‘chewing’ that she still does from time to time(NOTHING like it was) is more OCD and habitual plus SA related. We are working through her learning more and more about stability with patience, consistency, obedience, time and lots of love. 🙂

She is a real joy! When she gets her zoomies! LOL