My last post for today is a BIG THANKS post being sent out to each and every wonderful attendee that had registered for our first BHRR “EXPERIENCE” mini open house of 2016.

We had a total of 26 dogs mixing and mingling with 25 people today! 🙂 Another SUCCESSFUL event! Even BHRR’s Potter had only a few ‘tude moments and no ‘walk-about’ this time around! 😀

Lots of work goes into these experiences and each one just warms my heart with how wonderful they turn out to be!

We want to thank people from our hearts for the much needed donations of food, pinesol, mats, fabric softener etc. We are truly immensely grateful for your support!

We want to thank everyone that brought snacks and drink items from fruit to cookies, to squares and pop! You made the day truly fabu.

Today’s mini experience also raised $340 for BHRR’s Mavie!!! So filled with warmth.

The 50/50 – $80 won by Elizabeth was donated back to BHRR – THANK YOU! Thank you! So, a total of $160 came to BHRR’s Mavie

$70 was raised by Kathy selling her awesome doggie biscuits prior to visiting today. Biggest thanks being sent!!

AND thank you to those that told me that they made ‘birthday’ donations in our donation box to BHRR on my behalf. Though, I no longer have Birthdays, I do thank you!!! :p AND, no today is not my Birthday!

This photo was taken by Aaron(TY!) of BHRR’s Bloom have a great nap – she is now almost 5.5 years of age and her Spondylosis has been taking its toll. 🙁

Per a blog post made on December 27th, we had made the decision to move her to our Haven Program. Quality of life always for every blessed day we have with her and she had a truly great day……she was loved on and cuddled and snuggled and she got to ‘grump’ a couple of times at a few dogs in typical Boom Boom style :p and also to steal some of BHRR’s Flame’s kibble as per her ‘gift’ of being stealthy.

Thank you to each person that took some time to sit with her and tell her how special and precious she is. Many commented on how much more frail she now looks/acts over seeing here even at our XMAS Annual Chain of Success Potluck yet saw that true BOOM BOOM Spark explode at times.

For those already asking about our annual April BHRR “EXPERIENCE” mini open house, we are not hosting an April one in 2016 yet do plan on hosting our annual June experience. We will post when we are open for registration for that one….it is a glorious gorgeous time at BHRR in June! 🙂

THANK you again everyone for such a beautiful day had…..