On January 15th, I received the following email and we mobilized fast to make arrangements to get her to BHRR by the 17th. I did not know if this GD was also visually impaired yet, I strongly suspected such.

“I have recieved a 1 1/2 year old great dane. She was abandoned at a farm that a friend of mine rented, i have had her for just over 2 months now. totally deaf but knows hand gestures and listens very well.

 She is gaining weight and we have gotten rid of a bad flea infestation that had her almost bald. She looks great now. I have had a few people interested in her but I am afraid to rehome her because she is deaf. She is great on my farm she loves every animal horses, dogs, cats , chickens and goats. I just cant keep her because I already have three dogs of my own that are getting older and my landlord is upset about 4 big dogs. If I owned my own property I would keep her but I cant . Another issue is that she is not spayed and I cant afford to spay her at this point. So I am hoping that you will take her and find her a proper home where she will be safe. I dont think it would be good for her to live in a busy area or even in the town because if she gets loose she will never never hear the cars coming. I need help to find her the right place. i dont have the time it requires to do this, I am afraid I will be rushed into the wrong situation for her. Please help”


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