Mama is eating a bit and drinking some and no further stress bloats. While not ‘stable’ she is better than what she was at the shelter and since she first arrivedl to BHRR Monday night.

She plus pups had a rough time in the shelter from what Gwen was told by several shelter staff when she picked up the ‘wee’ family, super skinny, terribly stressed, unstable etc.

She wags her tail for Gwen and Gwen spends special quality time just with mom to help her relax and feel safe and to let mom know that she is important and loved.

Her prognosis is still not great. She remains on IV fluid treatment.

Gwen is working magic over here.

One of the Vets on this case, today told Gwen that she felt felt 100% sure that one if not both puppies would have died between Tuesday and Wednesday, not to mention mom.