Gwen is my hero is all I can say. Mom will not allow me near her or the pups. So, I am not much help in that way.
The round the clock care Gwennie is giving them is top notch as always, incredible amazing care, still working her schedule shifts yesterday and today, and all the other full plates she handles so expertly. Sleep is never part of her routine! She has had no time to post on the BHRR fb page with her priority being to seeing all three survive. She promises to post needs and updates as possible. Gwennie’s will power alone should make them thrive!

Tera, Gwen was going to message you today re: using your nursing mom and one of the Vets(shows Dobermans) that she works with was in today. They had a conversation with her re: food options and Gwen came home and both puppies are now eating. Not getting much milk off mom as Mom had her second stress bloat this afternoon yet both pups are eating right now.

The more critical pup has moved to a cautious status with the antibiotics greatly helping and has more energy than we have seen since all came into rescue late Monday night. The second pup is bouncing to health considerably well. Yet, no one is singing great news as of yet.
Mom is not doing well – has not eaten much since late Monday night. Drinking is minimal. She loves Gwennie.

So, none of them are out of the woods yet, ups with pups for today and still downs with Mom. Tomorrow, is another day.
Here is a photo of the wee piggie #1(BHRR’s Flame)

17 days old today.