UPDATE: it has been a rough and tough day.
We cannot get either pup to latch to a bottle(different nipples of shapes and sizes tried) and they are fighting tube feeding and Mama being stressed refused to nurse. She has pretty much ignored them, even stepping on them in her indifference. 🙁 The longer she does not nurse, the less milk she shall have and increases her own risk of mastitis.
The one puppy actually has a pus discharge now(cytology done) and has been placed on Clavamox drops.
Both puppies are wanting to feed yet are not able to figure things out and the fighting with the tube feeding is tough.
The sicker puppy actually had lost weight since they saw the shelter vet yesterday and that is not good. She is so congested now. 🙁 Hard to suckle when you cannot breathe. 🙁
Now, I am on my way to emerge as mama stress bloated not long after I got home with her. 🙁 Poor girl, the stress of the day caught up to her.
Keep all in your blessings…..