Here is my last post for now….
Mom finally laid down to allow pups to nurse. I and Mason had to hold them in the air before this to nurse as mom was so stressed and would not lay down yet, was calm with the standing to nurse. She is terrified of Sean and ‘quirky’. He has been hand-feeding her some treats which she is taking gently.
She drank twice for me, ate a tiny bit and is resting uneasily.
Per the shelter, babies were premies as is and so tiny.

We are going to call Mama Dane BHRR’s Eve. I dreamt of that name all last night…..and, I did not even have a clue what she looked like yet that name just called out to me. Sean was ‘good’ with it. smile emoticon
Babies, well, we have to wait for Sean to decide!

Gwen has all emerge hospitals on alert right now in case she has to rush them in. Unless absolutely necessary, it was believed by the Vets that they stay with mom and nurse and stay away from the sickness of a Vet Hospital.
The Vet that the shelter sent the one pup to this afternoon before Gwen/Mason arrived gave a list of possibilities that it ‘could’ be. He did not know. He mentioned ‘sinuitis’, ‘distemper’, ‘milk inhalation’, ‘virus’.

That both pups now have signs(bloody nasal discharge etc.) is doubly distressing plus concerning. Aspiration pneumonia concerns us.