My last post of my night is a sneak preview of what BHRR has been urgently working on behind the scenes since Sunday.

On Sunday, we were contacted by a shelter that we have such a pleasure working with re: a Great Dane Mama and her 2 week old pups. We mobilized fast and they were picked up earlier this evening for mom was really not doing well in the shelter.

Sadly, we also learned that only 2 of her pups survived and we shall share more re: these pups, their medical status and mom on Monday. The Shelter also believes that these pups were premies.

We will say that we are calling Mama Great Dane, BHRR’s Eve, the two surviving pups(both girls’) will need names. Sean has his thinking cap on and name guru’s, please feel free to throw out suggestions!

They are safe at BHRR right now and settling in……

It has been a very long day for me personally and now that Mom and babies are safely here, I am glad that this day is almost over…..

They will need special Secret Santa’s if anyone is interested! Please do email

We shall also post our needs such a pee pads and gently used human pillows etc. tomorrow if anyone may consider a donation to them!

Welcome to BHRR wee one’s and Mama Great Dane Eve!

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