BHRR’s Scooby had his Vet visit on December 3rd. He weighed a wonderful almost 145 pounds. He has lost significant fat and much needed weight.

He had his vaccines, did a Heartworm test plus tickborne disease testing and also a detailed T4 to see how his thyroid was.

His thyroid panel came back as 18, so normal range.

He is building up much needed muscle mass plus weight and strength in that hind end and has been toning up well. At the age of 7, he has these really spastic uber playful ‘try and catch me if you can’ moments! LOL He loves his rope toys…..and that Dane lean of his! Watch out!

He is such a wonderful boy that ROCKED our last community education and public awareness event of 2015 on November 28th at PV Hazeldean. He even raised $60 in donations all by himself that day for his pay BHRR’s Mavie, who had to have a fourth leg surgery as his body rejected the implant on his left front leg.

I am doing his professional photo shoot on December 13th and it shall not be long after that and he will make his own special announcement! LOVE this boy! 🙂