BHRR’s Miller and BHRR’s Crème Brûlée were at the Vet on Thursday December 10th.

BHRR’s Miller is slowly putting on the weight. A bit more slower than I would like to see. I did his boosters plus a Heartworm and Tickborne disease panel on him and also pre-op bloodwork in preparation for his neuter – scheduled for December 15th.

Sadly, his bloodwork came back that he has a chronic Lymes Disease infection – he is from an area that tick borne disease is high. The next step per his Vet is a UPC by cysto collection and that will be done the day of his neuter. So, he will not be available for adoption anytime soon. He does not present with lethargic, shifting lamenes etc. ‘typical’ of Lymes Disease and poor boy. 🙁

BHRR’s Brûlée, weighed just under 80 pounds and her Vet believes as I do that she is more likely around 15 months of age and that she has not had any litters prior to coming to BHRR(we will confirm during spay) and that she most likely had a false pregnancy or a heat.

She has lost some much needed weight, toned up amazingly well and she looks fabu! As she ages, she may reach a healthy 85 pounds or so. I think that we may also do a DNA test on her. So suspicious of what her breed combo could be. This would be the second time in our almost 20 year history that we have done this. We did a DNA on BHRR’s Bloom and it came back confirmed for her being 100% single bred Great Dane! Was surprised and goes to show that after almost 28 years with Danes, when not bred to standard, they come in all shapes, sizes, colours plus conformation. We want to make sure that we are being proactive about her adoption placement when it is her time to be adopted. 🙂

I am hard pressed to find the ‘DANE’ in her looks and personality. She is 100% lovely and uniquely her though! 🙂

She is also scheduled for her own alter surgery on December 15th.  Her Accuplex as negative for Heartworm and Tickborne diseases and her pre-op was normal! YAY!