BHRR’s Waffle – Bloodhound/Great Pyr

She is ready to make her special announcement!

This dog has made immense progress during her time at BHRR.

She came to BHRR with serious social issues with other dogs and now lives in complete harmony will all the dogs here!

She will require a home that will do careful integration with strange dogs for the feeling of not being in control and safe makes her stressed.

If you just let her take her time to ‘warm’ up, relax and feel things out, she is totally wonderful with strange dogs.

Her first reaction to feeling worried, is to keep her distance, yet, if a dog ‘pushes’ the issue, she will communicate that she is not comfortable.

With patience, consistency, and with a calming word/touch, she settles quite well.

She can go to a home as an only dog or with a right matched personality fit dog. She enjoys the company of other dogs and can be quite playful…a bit rough at times and has to be reminded of her manners.

She is loving plus goofy to all humans when she is in her ‘bloodhound’ mode. When she decides to be a Pyr, she is more aloof, independent and will make people work for her attention. Have to love her honesty!

She has come a long way also with her comfort level on floors that are wood over being tile. Very proud of her for conquering that fear!

She is 100% housebroken, unknown with how she is with cats, can go to a home that works full-time, part-time, from home, semi-retired, retired etc.

She has also come miles with her obedience and leash manners. She can still pull when she loses focus yet, that is getting better and better.

She is both crate trained and has proven 100% trustworthy in our home.

This does not stop her from taking advantage of an opportunity if one presents itself! The honest thief! Very rare and far between.

She is a gorgeous girl, loyal and vocal at times to express her feelings of ‘yay, you are home!’ or ‘YES! DINNER time!’ 

I could look into her eyes forever…really gorgeous…..

Pictures are never really going to capture how magnificent she looks yet, Melissa, you should did a fabu job! Thank you again for this amazing photo’s of her!

BHRR’s Waffle! YOU did it! Now, for that right matched forever loving home to find you!

Please consider sharing her photo so that others may find her and perhaps, one of those people may end up being her forever loving right home!

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