BHRR’s Griffin has his own special announcement to make!
Breeds Unknown – a x between what breeds – Bouv? Giant Sch.? Catahoula? Dane? No matter, he is 100% gorgeous, a unique one of a kind boy and he did it!

He is about 80-85 pounds now and still filling out. He is about 9+ months of age now.

While he is NOT going to be a giant, he is giant at heart and in personality!

His biggest thing is still that negative seeking attention behaviour barking. Not as often now and he shall need a very experienced home that shall continue to be that balanced leader he needs. Positive yet firm, lots of structure, obedience and consistency with a healthy dosing of love!

One has to passively ignore the behaviour and yet, as soon as someone gives him a treat to ‘shut him up; it only encourages the behaviour more.

He has a bit of stranger danger and, same thing, appropriate displays of behaviour is rewarded ONLY. He almost enjoys barking at times to see the reaction he gets.

He is also a BIG bed hog, fabu cuddler and snuggler and to all those in his circle of set-up of success, he is silly, goofy, a ham and he would be the class clown at school….and, the one that would be always found in detention! LOL

I love him in all of his honesty and manipulative charm and he is so darn handsome that my heart just thumps with adoration for him!

He truly has tested me from day one and as I said before it is dogs like him that make me a better trainer, behavioural expert, owner and rescuer….

To us at home, he is a walk in the park now as he knows and respects(I respect him also!) the rules and boundaries.

You cannot get in his face, that will worry and stress him and, that has also been an issue as people want to just squeeze his cheeks and love on those cute whiskers on his face!

AND, his eyes… could drown in them…as I tell people often ‘DO not LOOK into the eyes!’ LOL

He can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, semi-retired, retired and he can be an only dog yet, my heart would love to see him in a home with another right matched personality fit dog as he so enjoys their company and playing and they are good for him if they are well balanced plus sound as it continues to build upon the strong foundation he is getting here.

He is crate trained yet has proven 100% trustworthy in our home – loves the master bedroom unsupervised.

He would excel in obedience, agility and truly needs a ‘job’. He is intelligent and has a michievious streak! Love love love this boy!

WTG ‘Baby’ Griffin’…*sniff* you are growing up!

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