BHRR’s Raven’s Pathology report is in! YES! YES! YES!

They made a typo in the report and said she was ‘adopted’ yet, is recently into rescue! She has now had her booster and once she has put on more weight, she will have a special announcement to make! I am so relieved! SO so so relieved!!! Very detailed report…….

She is going to make a home an wonderful addition. She can be a wee bit ‘worried’ at first yet, settles so fast and is full of affection!!! With not having had much love in her live prior to rescue, this is understandable yet, she is learning BIG time about the great things life has to offer!

She is gorgeous and is the FIRST dog since we lost BHRR’s Dana – a legend of BHRR – that has figured out the ice cube maker! The looks on the dogs faces that knew that amazing dollface Dane. 😀

IMG_8202 IMG_8203