Purse Puppy BHRR’s Coco Chanel (Blind) appears to be having a lovely special picnic play date!

Sent my way from the home earlier was that she was a bit upset when I left and so they took her for a walk and were quite impressed with her leash manners. 

The home remarked on how much she loves the outdoors and she sure does!

She likes hiking and walking and just laying on the brick deck enjoying the wonderful weather. She also loves bed cuddles and for an honorary giant, she sure can bed hog for something ‘wee’! 

She has done some playing with their own dog and I am now on my way to get her as I leave work myself.

Yes, she has a mark on her head in this photo from running headlong into a branch on one of the trails…….

She is a fearless, risk taking, grab the world by the tail and run kind of explorer! 
She is so precious to my soul!

I am so happy that she had this special day and she does remain AVAILABLE for adoption!

Photo is courtesy of The Maracle Family

Note: One must never allow a brilliant dog like BHRR’s Chanel to get into a position of ‘power’. This means no allowing on the couches etc. for she will not want to share with other than who she feels is her ‘flavour’ at that time. She is a fabu dog. She needs her boundaries and structure and, she will be so respectful plus mindful.