So, Nancy so generously and wonderfully has picked up the female Fawn with Merle & White Great Dane! STILL nameless!

She says that she is a ‘sweetheart’, traveled well and I am on my way shortly……..

Nancy would not even accept any gas money from me. I am beyond grateful for the fast stepping up to assist us with getting this GD out of the shelter as she was so urgent and, I could not even get Nancy to take one dime for all of her time, effort, gas and kindness. She asked me to put any donation I would give her way to this Dane’s Vet Bills and I shall do so!

Nancy, never could I thank you enough for helping me to mobilize so fast to get this girl safe into rescue. I am truly one lucky person to know you……..THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Soon……..she will be at BHRR soon………..

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