BHRR’s Kaos and BHRR approved Volunteer Sandra at the Critter Jungle Dirty Dawg Wash!

Oh my word!! Oh my……what a day! We are just driving home, well Sean is!

AND, I wanted to post HUGE thanks to each person that shared this event that Critter Jungle hosted, to Barry for the poster, to all that came out to visit, had nails, ear cleanings, baths, microchips, bought some merchandise, talked ‘dawgs’ with us etc.

To each BHRR Volunteer that spent the day with us, THANK you! Today, could not have been possible without so many coming together!

The laughter, the new friendships formed, the unscheduled ‘human’ baths(insert Bruce and Sean! LOL) the dogs from chi’s to pei’s to Danes and more, their humans, the one gorgeous well behaved cat, to the wonderful helpful staff at Critter Jungle, to every generous caring animal loving person that showed up, THANK you!!

You are what makes BHRR, your local Great Dane/Giant Breed & Equine Rescue stand so strong plus united almost 20 years later! BHRR CHAIN OF SUCCESS!!

We washed 30 gorgeous dogs, did 26 nail trims, 8 ear cleanings, 2 microchips, heart warming independent donations of $260.25 were received, $35 in merchandise was sold and, as our lovely treasurer, Margaret for the day told me as she and Bruce were adding and re-adding the monies, ‘walk away Gwennie from the table’ as my eyes welled up more and more with every kind generous bill, change counted….

For the grand total that I had to digest and read over and over again that each of you beautiful angels made happen for a very special Great Dane puppymill mama named BHRR’s Raven is $1,165.25!!!!!

This money is going to make such a difference in the bills that are mounting for this so deserving special Great Dane!!! I am going home to hug her and whisper in her ear that she is loved, that she is important and that so many are there for her!!

I am so grateful to so many and Ginnette & the rest of the amazing staff at Critter Jungle what you do for the community is humbling…..thank you for letting us have this day of memories and experiences that bring so much warmth to my soul!

Margaret, Cherie, Mason, Sandra, Sean, Dawn, Serena and Bruce, thank you for giving up your Saturday to spend the day with me!

Glorious weather and BHRR’s Kaos had a fabu day also!!

What a day!!! WOW! Just WOW… this event…….just love it! What an honour bestowed upon BHRR to have had this opportunity.

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