BHRR’s Kaos, everyone’s fav wee ‘gimpy’ Great Dane puppy! He is now 8 weeks old and we are back to the Vets next week for a progress visit and exam.
He has great days( is almost 100% house broken already also!) and has not so good days (his Tramadol dose has been increased for his comfort and remains on the NSAIDs) and this was his face when I asked him if he wanted to have another float in the pool! His fur is still wet from his first dip in…..
I have carried him into the pool three times over the last three days and, he will fall asleep in my arms just being held……relaxed and soothed to nap…..
He is such a delight…feisty to the core!!
That is Salt beside him, close friends…..yet, they are not allowed to play…..Kaos is on strict rest….