BHRR’s Angel Noelle, one of our amazing tripods plus honourary Giants is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!
Please keep her in your best thoughts!
We will update as we can…..

This shall also be a transitional adoption with how bonded, loyal and strongly so, this amazing wee honourary giant is to me.
She is so much better wih going with others and I have different handlers on her at each public awareness event plus she has had her special picnic play dates….

She bonded fiercely as per her breedx’s and her individual temperament. I was the first big true kindness that she knew and she rewarded me with trust, her heart and would lay her life down for me.
I never once felt sorry for h
er or pitied her. She was never spoiled or babied. 
When it is her time to be adopted, my heart will rip out with so much happiness for her and I will bawl like a baby in private as I adore her, respect her and am inspired by her.