Everyone’s fav wee ‘gimp’ Dane pup, BHRR’s Kaos was at his first consult tonight.
He weighed 5.5 kgs(12.1 pounds) and turned 7 weeks old today.

Always a big hit wherever he goes! On the way home through the Timmie’s in Kemptville, all the staff had to look out the drive-through window to ooooooohh and awwwww as he slept secure in the back seat.

We are heading back August 7th to keep close tabs on that leg. His Vet was feeling and hearing clicking in the right knee and is wondering about meniscus damage. Something he feels that arthroscopic surgery could readily fix once he is older.

There is definite swelling in the knee area and some discomfort upon examination yet seemed more bothered(insert Kaos being impatient!) with the exam/manipulation on the left side.

He does favour the leg and almost ‘shoots’ it our sideways when he walks.
The Vet said that out of all the possible growth plate fractures, this would be the ‘best’ to have and we are going to re-evaluate and re-assess his growth, that leg, his comfort level in 2+ weeks and repeat x-Rays to continue to get a better idea of where we should head for that leg.

The Vet agrees with this being a giant breed puppy there is much to bear in mind for his future quality of life with that leg and as he is now just turned 7 weeks, we will closely monitor and re-visit on August 7th. Love our Vets! They listen to all of my questions and concerns with patience plus understanding, they appreciate and trust my own knowledge and experience with almost 28 years rescuing, rehabbing and owning Giants and work with us with their wonderful compassion and expertise. Our Vet teams are solid gold with the high quality in standard of care provided to each animal in our programs. Thank you to all of our Vets at several great Hospitals in the community that make miracles possible for so many of our dogs as we strongly focus on the special needs.

At this time, he says BHRR’s Kaos is doing really well.

I also had his eyes looked at for when we picked him up last Friday, one eye had stains on his fur more than the other and, the Vet believes he could have had some conjunctivitis. His third eyelids etc., look good.

I did his nails and, I also discussed the diarrhoea he is having and could be the Panacur, could be coccidia(very liquid poops) and/or could be the Metacam.

We are going to proactively treat just in case and, continue NSAIDs. His Vet said we could also add Tramadol if needed for comfort.

Lots of compliments on what a nice boy and he pottied before we went in and pottied outside after we left! What a big boy!!

AND this photo was taken as I was paying the bill…..being adorable is a tough job and exhausting!!

We shall continue to post updates as we can and, he will not be vaccinated until he is a bit older. He is only 7 weeks right now….

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