BHRR’s Jersey, almost 7 now, one of our stunning BBBBB’s was ADOPTED today!
It was a wonderful moment yet, wow, the tears of both unbelievable incredible happiness yet also sadness (small part) as she has been such a big plus beautiful part of our family for so long!
This amazing girl did not have one application in the whole two+ years she had been waiting patiently, us too, for that right matched home to find her…..well, it only takes one application, the right one for a dog and, it came!
They fell in love with her at the BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ last Sunday and, I am so happy…..
BHRR’s Pearl did so well coming out and having more helping hands show her love and care plus kindness….in time, when she is ready, she will make her own special announcement. For now, her rehab is coming along nicely!
BHRR’s Jersey did not want to leave me yet, that is understandable and distractions aided greatly for us to leave…..was not the smoothest of exits and she saw us as they walked her by my car that I had parked way down on a side street as I am typing this update but, she will be ok….she kept pulling and turning to come to my car and I do not think it was realised that it was me in the car….that was so hard on me to just be very still and quiet and, let the person walking her figure it out….
She does not need me any longer….she is where she is suppose to be for the next chapter of her FABU life!
Love you Jersey Girl!! So much…..completely bursting with joy!

What some people have never cared to understand it was ‘never’ about us turning away homes, some of the dogs have never had one application come in. No interest, no inquiries, nothing…..
Yet, we continue to be patient and only shall we adopt to that
right matched forever loving home. smile emoticon
BHRR’s Jersey was living a grand life with us and we loved and wanted her, even if others did not. AND, now she has her special adoptive family!!
My home shall have a huge hole in it yet, we can help another Dane when we are needed. We are here regardless of age or colour or sex and love the special needs!