All of us at BHRR would like to make this public post of the most sincerest plus filled with appreciative THANKS to two extremely generous, thoughtful, kind and, amazing homes.

Recently, we hosted our flash auction item of one of our extremely popular and, private BHRR ‘EXPERIENCES’ to help with BHRR’s Ani’s, one of our lovely BBBBB emergency bills. She had been rushed into KAH and had Blood-work, x-rays under sedation, one mass removed and, another punctured biopsy with both being sent to pathology. 
While her results have not come back for Cancer, her diagnosis came back as:

The condition is called fibromatous epulides of the periodontal ligament. Basically a growth of the periodontal ligament that can also displace the teeth. Apparently the prognosis following complete resection of these is good. To get complete resection however we’re likely to require excision of some of the bone, so removal of part of her mandible. Dr. Thatcher at Alta Vista Animal Hospital is who we are being referred to.
Additionally, as she is still spitting out food, a scope of her throat with possible further biopsies is also being scheduled and, at this time, I do not know at this time, the name of that specialist that she shall see.

With the removal of the one mass, she is at least eating better. 
With having just come off an emergency with BHRR’s Angel Noelle(who is doing so well!), we did a flash auction to help raise funds for some of BHRR’s Ani’s Vet Bills.
The balance remaining(after a rescue discount and, having received most generous $50 donation at KAH) at the time of the flash auction at KAH was $699.87.

In the last few hours of what turned out to be a historical moment for BHRR, one filled with excitement, nerves( by the end I was making a cup of tea & feeling sick to my stomach!) and, so many tears, a bid war erupted.

See, BHRR is the small Organization out there. We may assist giant breed dogs and horses and focus on the special needs – and, have since 1996 – we are still small. Almost 20 years later since we first opened our doors, we remain small with our priority on quality, patience and doing it right each and every time for each animal we are entrusted with. Therefore, being small,(we also do not receive any corporate or government assistance), we do not bring in large donations of monetary funds. So, to us $5 is truly huge, $50 massive and, anything larger than that makes my hands tremble and my knees weak……

What these two homes raised with their bidding to help this beautiful dog has never happened in our 19 plus years of existence. We may not be a huge group, we may not be the most well known group out there, but, let me say, we have some of the biggest hearts and, souls in our village, to be found anywhere!!

What these two angel homes have done for BHRR’s Ani, makes me really fail at finding the right words to express my thanks…..the love shown to this once abandoned, forgotten about Dane, has been beyond special.

Between the two of them, they have guaranteed that all of her bills at KAH have been taken care of and, that her initial bills that shall be incurred at Alta Vista Animal Hospital with the specialists shall also be paid for. BHRR’s Ani has the best of wonderful safety net, financially and emotionally that surrounds her as we move forward and, THANKS to these two unbelievably kind women/homes!

I have hugged BHRR’s Ani so many times to tell her that she is not to worry, that Angels surround her and, she is so loved……..

Thank you again to these two magnificent ladies/homes for making it this happen!

Sorry for the Gwennie Novel and, our next flash auction item shall be posted shortly. BHRR’s Hercules, the sweet Great Dane, now that he is healthy is scheduled for his leg amputation on May 15th at Liston AH. We are still short for a deposit for that surgery and, hope that this item will help raise some much needed funds.

All monies when they come in(June time-frame) from the PAW month that PV Stittsville so kindly chose BHRR – and, specifically BHRR’s Hercules for – shall go towards his amputation bills also.