Someone is very tired after an extremely busy day! smile emoticon
She crawled into an open crate with a towel and, is getting ready to have a well deserved snooze now that we are home…..
BHRR's Salem came to work with me today and, her new weight is 52.8 KGs(116.16 pounds). MUCH better than the 58.3 kgs that she first arrived to BHRR weighing. She looks great! 
Her Vet remarked on her nice shiny glossy coat and, her great body tone and muscle mass. smile emoticon 
She did really well! She was a little unsure and, did only minor sounds of fear growling a few times here and there yet, made friends fairly fast and, loves the treats!!! wink emoticon
She had a manicure plus pedicure, her final DAPP booster and, I am doing not just a HWT yet, testing for three tick borne diseases as well, considering where she came from. I am not worried that any results will be positive….this is just part of our proactive and preventative vetting protocol that we like to do.
This is the last of her medical work-up(she is utd on all vaccines, already on heartworm preventative, has been de-wormed etc.) and, once she is more emotionally rehabbed, she is going to be ready to make her exciting special announcement! 
Her obedience was just heavenly with me today…..manners befitting a young lady! 
After work, she came with me to do a home-visit and, they won her over quite wonderfully with patience, kindness and, yes, treats to start….she was leaning into them not long after and, even layed down by their sides for a bit. We even saw a tummy flip into the air later on!
She made herself right at home in their beautiful home by drinking the water laid out and, sharing it across the floor, on top of a magazine and, their one coffee table. tongue emoticon
There shall never be enough words to express to the lovelies I work with plus this caring home, what their kindness in taking some time to give her more great experiences and, memories means…….
It is a wonderful gift and, each time, she receives one, make her more willing to trust and, becomes faster to trust and, it was pitch black outside and, she was so brave conquering her worries…….
She could smell their cat, yet, showed no interest in knocking down any doors to get at their feline and, she rocked those stairs once she figured them out! 
We shall see what our upcoming BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House is like for her and, I am incredibly proud of this gorgeous beauty!!!