Someone is off for a special play date this AM!  BHRR's Ichabod Crane. He was not overly thrilled about the 5 AM wake-up call BUT, I think he is going to have a blast! 
So hard to get a great photo of him and, cannot wait for his Santa PawsPhoto's from Saturday at PV Stittsville!  
His weight today is 33.5 KGs(73.70 pounds). Still a bit thin, yet, not by much and, nicely muscled and, gosh, is his a social bean! LOL
He is battling an infection that we are trying to isolate as, he has been de-wormed(this is his third round) and, we are not going to give him any boosters of neuter him until he is healthy. 
I will repeat his bw in the New Year to see where we stand at that time. 
He is eating well, playing(HQD WUVS him!) and, becoming a wonderfully well adjusted puppy.  
He has become a fast fav for many that have met him to date.  So much to love AND, OMG! Is he ever soft!
For a male ~6 month GD puppy, he is small yet, when you deal with byb dogs, you get all shapes and sizes and, for that right matched home, they are not going to care one bit! His personality is big and, he will make that right matched home smile every day. He is so happy!
NO more days of neglect and emaciation for you my lovely young man!