Here is an update that I sent off to the Acton Vet Hospital that took such great care of her!

She is doing great! Making friends after being carefully integrated with a few dogs – including two of my own – my five month old deaf/visually Impaired Danes 🙂

She has romped and stomped and raced and zoomed and, had a blast and, I had her two separate times into two separate crates and, she did wonderfully. 

She is now settled down for the night in yet another crate in a different spot to assess/evaluate her levels of SA and, she is snoozing away.

One of the crates I only put a carabeener on to see what she would do and, she lay there most calmly.

I am not going to use the adaptil collar yet thank you and, I shall keep the clomicalm on hand yet, I am pulling her off the meds to really get to know her and, to see if she really needs it as we work to get her to love her own company and to, enjoy her alone time and be able to amuse herself in appropriate ways. 

I am not getting any vibe at this time that with the correct level of exercise and mental stimulation that also includes structure of obedience, consistency, patience and time with stability that she shall require any medication. She is just not presenting as a dog that will require it under the right set of set up for success.

We shall see how things fall into place as she settles in and the honeymoon period ends. 🙂

She is a love and a real character! 

Thank you so much for entrusting her to us and, please tell all of your staff what an amazing group of people they are!! Thank them for the bssket and donations that includes the Pinesol and laundry detergent! 

I feel truly honored to have been asked to assist her by all of you.

Each of you are really special people!

What a pleasure to have met you and your husband and thanks for everything! 

PS: she is called 'Ivy' after a very special woman no longer with us….