UPDATE From the other Transport Co-ordinators on this transport, Andrea as of 8:11 today per my request to ensure that this dog is double leashed:
"This dog is magnificent and just as sweet as they come but very frightened and leery of the whole transport thing.  She will need everyone to be extra kind to her and address her in soft loving voices.  She gets spooked easily but treats do seem to be a motivator just make sure there are no other dogs around to compete for the treats so as not to complicate the situation.  For the sake of caution, please use 2 SLIP LEADS on her.  I know that all of you will do everything you can to love this girl on to her new, happy life at Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation and our thanks for the extra care and attention you give to dogs like her."

AND, here is a photo from one of the amazing volunteers, Rebecca of this girl. We have now named her per my one blog BHRR's Salem. 🙂