Anonymous – Nomination #9 For Global Pet Foods Heoric Heart

Gwen and her family/team are angels to animals. While a lot of rescues pride themselves in the number of animals they rehome, the BHRR team focuses on making sure the animal is 110% ready to even think about going to a new home before considering it – no matter how long that may take. They focus on the animals that most people would pass up knowing that it'll be tiresome and expensive rehabbing them. Special needs animals that a lot of people would euthanize are the animals they focus on and make these animals have amazing lives and they also provide to everybody that just because a dog is blind and/or deaf and/or has other issues, they can still be amazing family members. the price doesn't matter to them, the quality does. They even often pay for things out of their own pockets! I believe that nobody deserves this more than them! Nobody has a bigger heart than Gwen, after all, she rescues the Giants who have had their hearts hurt.