I now have BHRR's Aslan back under my care. I met up with his approved temp foster dad earlier tonight. It was so nice to see him again! I have not seen him in months!!! I have heard from the foster dad and three others that, my boy apparently, went on a walk organized by another person who had adopted from BHRR two years ago and did very well. Very proud of his temp foster home for continuing to build upon the strong foundation built at BHRR and, this dog has continued to prove how great he is with cats! AND, lovely to have our outstanding temp foster homes continue to give of themselves again and again to temp foster. This wonderful home has temp fostered three dogs for us to date! 🙂 I updated the temp foster dad on a dog that they temp fostered for us and had been adopted in December of 2011. 🙂 It is always nice to keep our foster homes in the loop on how the dogs they have helped are doing. 🙂

Below are four photo's that my daughter snagged with my iPhone in the car on our way home.

When we arrived home, he was once again nervous of Sean and Mason yet, settled down wonderfully with Mason and, not long after with Sean. AND, the two of them are 'bunking' it tonight! BHRR's Aslan has been glued to my side since I arrived home and with these temps, it is like having a 'fur' blanket….is he ever warm!!

BHRR's Aslan has his special picnic date on Saturday and after that, I will meet back up with his temp foster dad to have him go back to the home to be temp fostered. I gave the home three more bags of food for this sweet boy. He is looking great…a wee bit plump, yet, nothing terrible and, we have dogs in our own home that are also plump and it is a work in progress. As, long as we work to get the weight off and be cognizant of the weight gain, all will be fine. I am constantly managing even my own dogs' food intake etc. to try and keep them at an ideal weight. I am so grateful to BHRR's Aslans' temp foster home for everything!!

I could tell how much he cares for his temp foster dad and vice versa. That is so warm to see…… 🙂 Knowing that our dogs are in the best of hands, is so important and heart touching. 🙂

I know his special picnic date home is excited about seeing him on Saturday!!! He remains available for adoption, and, we remain patient!

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BHRR's Aslan May 23rd, 2014