I just wanted to send the news that just past 10 am today, this amazing dog crossed over. That is all that I can choke out right now as my heart is just shattering into a million pieces…..

Below are two photo’s from our last walk together…

4 months and one day is all I had with him….

Not enough time….just not fair….

Thank you everyone for what you did to ensure he went to rescue…..I wish I could have saved him…. 🙁

Poor dog did not deserve to have two blown cruciates, severe bilateral HD, a fractured Right hip and bilateral elbow dysplasia….

I just cannot place into words my sorrow much more at this time…..my heart and soul is just so heavy. 🙁 I had just purchased 180 more capsules of Gabapentin for him as I was trying to stay so positive that we could give him more quality time. 🙁

The Vet commented on how nice he smelled and how great his coat now looked over when she first saw him upon arrival to BHRR….just heartbroken.

He was incredible.

The $67.18 that had been donated to date that had not yet been used for BHRR’s Breen will go towards BHRR’s Bloom’s Vet Bills

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BHRR’s Breen – February 8th, 2014