Kinsley and I are home recently from a second play date/visit with a home that could/may be a right matched potential fit as her forever loving adoptive home.

As soon as I parked, BHRR’s Reese was out of the car and trotting up their driveway(IT is as if she remembered being here on December 31st!!). She did the first two stairs without much assistance from me and I put my fingers under her chin and used the ‘touch’ to signal the last step and to go up.

We stayed just over 2.5 hours(another time flew moment!) and, I so enjoyed that cup of mint tea! 😉 Made my sinuses/chest/stomach feel so much better. 🙂 Thank you for having that for us to enjoy! 🙂

BHRR’s Reese was even more comfortable…she was exploring even more and she loves the two tugs ropes there(thank you X for sharing them with her! 😉 ) and, she even fell asleep in my arms as we sat talking in cushy chairs and, the home could pet and stroke her face to their hearts content. She made one attempt to even play with one of their dogs.

We are all on the same page about having another play date/visit and this time it shall be sans me….the home wanted me to promise that I would be just a ‘text’ or ‘call’ away! YET, I think they shall be fine! 😀

Below are two videos I took before we left home to go visit! BHRR’s Reese loving the snow! 🙂

Reese 2Feb2 2014 VIDEO
Reese2Feb2014 VIDEO #2