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She has not had a seizure since December 20th and she may never have another one or she may have more. There is no crystal ball and, at this time, she is not going on any medications.

Dobie Doll AKA Bambi Baby is so dear to many of us and, this is such a miracle baby! 🙂

I would like to see her in a home with at least one other dog, a home that does not have a lot of stairs, a home that works ft, pt, from home, semi-retired or retired does not matter. She is another great versatile BHRR dog! 🙂

Things that she does require is not just a ‘dog’ proof home yet, a ‘Reese’ proof home. The home that had the play visit with her on December 31st, witnessed firsthand how easy it was for BHRR’s Reese to get caught up in a lamp cord and, then managed to wedge herself through the rungs of a chair. She is 100% housebroken and 100% trustworthy in our home and while, I still crate her from time to time, for, as many are aware, I believe that dogs should be crated trained to prepare them for times they may have to be at a Vet Hospital or on crate rest due to illness or injury.

This dog has no fear, so, you have to almost protect her from herself, while as I keep saying to so many ‘not putting her into a glass bubble’. If I had ever done that, this gorgeous Doberman would not be where she is today. 🙂

She is food motivated and what she requires BIG TIME is the patience of that right matched forever loving home. Consistency and patience. If you are patient with her, she is less likely to become OCD and overwhelmed and begin to lip lick and paw the air with her front legs. She can still do this when she is excited and she has a calming touch/hold and words and she settles wonderfully.

Collars still tend to worry her so, we have been working on a harness and she is great in many ways except when she wants to go one way and, I want her to go another! 😉 Especially when it comes to the horse barn. SHE LOVES going there…AND, long grass….she take such joy from the long grass.

She is great with all dogs yet, not all dogs are great with her. Many are uncomfortable around her as they ‘sense’ her that she is not the same as they are. This is an insecurity on their part, not hers. She keeps all in the same way, with big high paws of hello! 😀

She is sassy…she has no qualms about telling me off if I am late with her supper! She is still fed Performatrin with some water pured in yet, she drinks really well from a water bowl. We hold the food bowl down until she ‘feels’ it, with her own paw and let her then do her thing. Water, sometimes gets tipped over yet, that is what towels are for!

As she listens to voices all the time, she has a special ‘tone’ – lower and very distinct that breaks wherever she may be in her head and she can then ‘hear’ …she then just needs to focus and so you say her name and the command just once and pause…..you can then say it again for she does have that neuro issue and she is so much better now to ‘stop…listen and then move’. She is not getting frustrated like she used to for she knows that we are going to be patient and communicate with her and repeat. She is SOOOOOOOOOOO proud of herself when she does what she has been asked to do! She is just so happy! 🙂

She completely loses her focus still when it comes to treats and food and, is very motivated with both yet, it is hard for her to narrow and hone in on the smell and she, can still become overwhelmed and excited(stimulated). AND, then watch your fingers! 😉

She is also sassy when it comes to wanting to play and, will come up behind me and grab the back of my pants! Sometimes, she can pinch skin, so, we continue to work on ‘gentle’….

Below is a Video from August 18th, 2013 that I had not yet posted on her blog – was on our now unpublished BHRR FB page. 🙂