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BHRR’s Angel Noelle was sedated on Friday January 3rd for more x-rays – this time of the two views not taken on Monday for some reason. It reveals a terrible story. 🙁 We found where the missing elbow is. 🙁 🙁 Her leg has healed in a most bizarre manner. I cannot believe the bravery of this wee thing……

All x-rays were sent off to Dr. Liston and Dr. Philibert and, Dr. Liston also said he would talk himself to Dr. Philibert plus Dr. Parker re: them. Dr. Liston does not believe there to be any success now in any type of ‘corrective’ surgery. I have inquired as to his views now re: amputation sooner rather than waiting for later. I will not be placing her up for adoption until we do right by her and that, also means her leg. As long as she was managing well, he was leaning towards a ‘wait’ approach. Yet, now, that we have the additional ‘story’ with the extra x-rays, I would like to know his professional opinion.

We also spayed BHRR’s Angel Noelle on Friday and she presented me with a nice fecal pressie 😉 and, I did a fecal test that has now come back for roundworms. So, she is being treated on an extended dosing of Panacur 2 extra days now and then again in two weeks, as she was already being proactively de-wormed.

As we need to get BHRR’s Angel Noelle stronger and in better physical shape(muscle mass), before any surgery is done on that leg, spaying her now is a good measure to prevent any heat cycle. She did not bounce back as well as we would have liked from the spay and I obtained more buprenorphine injections to give her over the first 24 hours and then on to Deramaxx to help manage her pain/discomfort. I had her all tucked in with me in my bed(yup, me!) and monitored her vitals regularly.

Once, she hit about hour 36, it was all I could do to hold her back. She is doing fabu now! It does make me a bit worried as to how she is going to handle any surgery on that leg yet, we are all in consensus(5 Vets plus myself to date) that her leg should not be left the way it is and would like to see an amputation immediately. We just now need to know the new viewpoint, based upon the additional x-rays taken re: amputation from the other ortho specialists or if they do believe there is a corrective surgery. Not something I am leaning towards and here is Dr. Listons’ most recent feedback:

“Normally if the fractured off piece is screwed back in place it heals well, and the elbow can be pretty normal.
 I’ve not seen an elbow with this kind of fracture be allowed to heal on its own. There is a lot of new bone in the space created by the fracture.  Maybe Denis or Nick Parker can cut away this new bone to allow the original piece of broken off bone to be screwed back where it belongs.  My guess is they will say no, that the rest of the joint has been growing and changing shape as well, so it would not fit well enough together  if this was done.

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A file is set up at Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone under the account of ‘Birch Haven Rescue’ for ‘Angel Noelle’. They will take Debit or Cash in person at 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario

AND, a file is set up at Liston Animal Hospital as that is who did her one set of x-rays and one exam. (613) 591-0966 and they will take Visa, M/C over the phone and Debit and CC and Cash in person.  4055 Carling Av Kanata, Kanata, ON K2K 2A4

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BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s Christmas Miracle Angels  $1,217.60 donated to date & Bills are now estimated at over $5,000+
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BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s Wish List:
$ towards Vet bills
Dog Bed
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Smoked Dino Bones
Dog FOOD – FROMM Whitefish or Salmon
Bolster/Tube Pillows
Noellespay1 Noellespay2
BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s Spay – Friday January 3rd, 2014
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BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s X-rays – Two of the additional four x-=rays of two more views taken – yes, that is her elbow on the side…. 🙁
BHRR’s Angel Noelle – Post-Spay Surgery – love that tongue! 🙂