I am going to focus on some ‘good’ news…….I will post more on BHRR’s Angel Noelle a bit later….wish, life was easier than it can be…. Yet, we shall prevail and do right by her!!!

Tomorrow, I am taking a very special wee Dobie doll to do a hv for a possible future adoption…..just a playdate…and, play visit to see how things go….

This home has followed her literally from Day 1 and, is no stranger to Dobermans, or special needs dogs and, her IS does not phase them…..she may have more, she may never have another….her last one was December 20th…

So, think positive and good vibe feelings for BHRR’s Reese and the home! This is another approved home that has adopted from us in the past and, is dear to us….

If if does not work out, that is ok….it was then not meant to be…not pressure on dog or home.

IMG_2975 (Medium) IMG_2990 (Medium)
BHRR’s Reese – December 24th, 2013, BHRR Traditional Christmas Eve Photo’s – the bag is from her amazing SS Group!